Friday, June 25, 2010

Ballet and Dance SVG

Working on Carlie's Dance book

I am so far behind..... I had to find the pic's and put them in order UGG...
I could not remember what dance went to what year...
I am making a book from the first year Carlie started dance thur her senior year,
and that is next year... I just finish 2006 and started 2007.
Here is the last page of 2006
and the first of 2007

WSU ...GO COUG'S !!!!!!

Now I feel better....I have to make one for the team my Niece goes to.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For a friend .... U of W logo

I found a font that looked like the W for University of Washington and a clipart of a huskies to make these for a SCAL Yahoo group friend. (Marilyn in OR) I myself am a supporter of the WSU Cougars (niece and brother in law go there). but some of my best friends are dogs. Even my boss. I hope you like them Marilyn.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Last show of the year..:(

The show's title was shipwrecked.
The kids do most of the choreographing for the dances.
The first dance she was a "high society" Lady
we fond the dress at a thrift store and added the feathers to the bottom.
The next dance she was in was "lost souls"
 after the shipwreck
the 3rd dance she was in was "spiders" on the island that the survivors land on.
She always wanted to dance in a TUTU and have RED point shoes... and here she got both. I started to tear up watching her dance this one. knowing how long she has wanted this. It is soooo cool to see things your kids dream about come true.!!
She is the one 2nd from the right.

On one leg and turning on point..

Carlie and I

The Card I made for her and put in her dance bag.  Front Say's "Dream Big"
and inside " And Dance"
then I wrote " Dance to the music of your dreams, the steps will bring you joy"
I am SOOO proud of her!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

USA Flag - SVG

With the 4th of July around the corner, I am making a few SVG's  check back tommrow for a new one.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

4th of July Parade

Made 2 new cards too....

Both of these are from my May card kit from
Each kit has one Christmas card so I will have a few made before the rush.

This card was to be a birthday card but each card can also be what you want. I am going to put something to do with dance inside this one for our daughter who's recital is this sat.  The front say's Dream Big.

Sweater Fit...;)

The Sweater I Made Fit.  :)  

Monday, June 14, 2010

First Crocheted Sweater

I made this hoodie for my grandson's birthday. I have made LOTS of afgans and scarfs but never a sweater I am very pleased with how it turned out.
 I just used some yarn I had around the house.
 I just finished it yesterday and he is 2 today.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Group Dance Photo's

I just got e-mail with the group photo's from my daughters school. I just have to share them.... you know it's a mom thing..ha ha...
My Daughter is the 4th from the right. This dance is called High Society
the dance/play is about a cruise ship that crashes or something like that. the show is not tell june 18th.

Here she is in the back row far right. They are something like the ghost or something on the ship.

And here right side 2nd one back. and they are Spiders...yuck... but she has always wanted to have a tutu and RED point shoes. here she gets both. we had to dye the shoes. I used floral spray it worked great.

She is the one in the middle right side. a most of the girls bought new red point shoes. I think her's look just as good. some used red sharpies. 

Could not sleep so I made some cards

I could not sleep last night so I got up and made some cards from my bimonthy card kit  from 

on the BFF card I used the Double-Stick Flower Dazzles™  from and put white Glitter on one side. I realy like how it turned out.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Bussy Weekend --- lots done

Did not go to the lake this weekend, my Husband had to work. so then I did to..(but I dont get paid for mine)... Sat. started cleaning out the spare room and painted it. Then went into town to have dinner with my eldest daughter and Grandson. On Sunday I finished the painting and made some cards and stickers from my boss and made homemade soup....( now I know why I like going to the boat, my body is tired and sore. but I feel like I got alot done.)
Me and Christian
After ---one green wall and the rest a light pink will add some vinyl letters later
Birthday card for my Sis...
Patten from
Birthday card for Christian (my Grandson)

I did not want the back on the card so just traced and cut it off.
Used  a new product from Post-it Craft paper that is sicky on one side just cut and peel ( used it for the letters on the flip flop card and # 2 card)
I really liked it.
Fathers day card for my husband from the girls... (from my card kit)

Another B-day card from my card kit.  I used a new product to me...Dazzles double sided flowers... I put flock on one side and then stuck to the card. Its kinda hard to see it but if looks cool. here are the flowers. I got them in my card kit from

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