Thursday, October 29, 2009

Christ Fish

Christ Fish - SVG

If you like this one you might want to put it in inkscape and make the top right corner square I just noticed when I loaded the photo. Sorry :(  I hope you ENJOY it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Manger SVG     I have not done a test cut yet on this...I will post a photo after I do. Enjoy
I made a very quick card with this SVG .


pinecone SVG
I have not cut this out yet ... I will post a photo after I do

Got Snow

 I just made this one on my lunch break I have not cut it out yet.
Got snow? - SVG
It worked...

Day off - Steve's B-day

I took yesterday off for my husbands birthday and we took mom to lunch in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho then we took a walk around the boardwalk. It was a fast walk, very cold and windy. We then headed into the Coeur d'Alene resort for a hot buttered rum. Then Steve and I met my sister and her husband at Showgun in Spokane for dinner. had a great day!!

Christmas bulbs

Cute bulbs...and It makes 2 kinds. I will post the SVG file tomorrow I forgot my thumb drive at home today.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting ready for Snow

I have been working on stuff for the up coming snow. You can put the white on top or under and make the top green or do both layers a diffent shade of greens. Enjoy
It will not be long and will not be long and we will be making snowman.

Last weekend out on the boat for the year..:(

Had a Great weekend out on the boat had a rainstrom Friday night but a BEAUTIFUL day on Saturday. Went for a ride up  to the falls and enjoyed all the colors. I realy like the cool mornings with my cup of coffee. But we where sad Sunday when we had to pull it out for the year.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

Witch shoe Card

Here is another file that I have not cut out yet... but I think it could be done up very cute...let me know if you make the card I would love to see it. and by chance it will not work right please let me know thanks again. Enjoy.

Had a few mins. to cut it out. there is so much you can do to this card.

Mary and Jesus

Sorry I did a trial cut on Mon. Oct 28th there was a problem If you downloaded before that it will not work right. but I redid it and it should work now. Sorry about that I try to do a trial cut first but just did not have the time.

Mary and Jesus SVG
I think this should cut out OK if someone would like to try and let me know.
I do not have time to cut it out yet. Thanks , Enjoy.

Paper giveaway and cool site

Christmas Tree

When I cut this out I did the green as a shadow. I have lots of ideas for this, put glitter, cut out of shiny paper and more I will try to post my cards when I get them done. Enjoy

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I like this

I like this, It was in a catalog. I am going to try to make one for me and maybe a christmas gift.

A Leg up?

I only had time for a easy SVG file today. with Thanksgiving on its way I thought a Turkey leg would be good. I know I have a few photos of the kids eating the hole leg. Enjoy

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Apple with and without face

I got this apple from a preschool coloring book and did the one with the smile and one without. The one without I used a red tiedyed paper. I have a friends that son went to a apple farm here in Washington state and I made them for her. I hope someone else can use them.

Pumpkin cut outs

I found this they are for your pumpkins I think they would be cute for cards too...I hope you enjoy.

Dancer girl

My daugher has been taking ballet for years and I am working on a book for her. I found this clipart a few years ago and I was going to just print it out but now with the cricut and cut it out...

Pumkin with and without smile

I made this from a coloring book. I did one with the smile and then cut it out for the other.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Enjoyed the Fall colors this weekend

Enjoyed the fall colors, it was a beautiful weeken on the boat.

. Gracie Lu love's to go for rides.
I worked on a lot of SVG files this weekend I will be posting then this week after I do a pratice cut with them first.

Friday, October 16, 2009

sympathy card

Thanks to Sher from SCALSocialConnection, I made this sympathy card for a friend that lost her 27 year old daughter this week. I was having a very hard time thinking of something to use and to say. (What can you say?) THANKS again Sher for all your help.

Until the day you're reunited
Remember your little one is safe
In our Saviors arms
In a very speacial place

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hello there...

This is what I saw when I got up and looked outside today..they were watching me sleep. I wish I had my camera all I had was my cell phone.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Duckie with Towel

Sorry I got home and tried to cut it out and it did not work. I will try to fix it and repost the file later. I guess I that's what happens when your new at things some work some don't

I have not cut this one out yet...I will try it out tonight... and post it tomorrow..
I think it is very cute I hope to use it on one of my grandson's pages.

Christmas Candle

I worked on this one while I was sitting at ballet waiting for my daughter.
 I tryed my hand at taking a paper pericing printout that I had. scaned the paper and put it in to inkscape and made a SVG & Scut file.

Monday, October 12, 2009

trying my hand at making SVG files

Finaly had some time to work on my scrapbook

I was home this weekend not feeling very good. So I took some time to work on some pages.. I have to  still do some writing on them but I have not work on a page for mths. It felt good to get some done.

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